Photosynth: A Picture of Things to Come

If you haven’t seen it, download the sample of Photosynth, Microsoft’s Interactive Visual Media Group‘s photograph-based image modeling application. The technology works by gathering miscellaneous photos of a location from conventional image sources (Flickr, etc.), finding key points within each image to match within multiple images, and using those relationships to construct a navigable 3-D image of the subject.

To see this thing in action, watch this TED video demo from last year.

The process is called photogammetry, and the end result is pretty stunning. The University of Washington’s virtual tourism project is pretty novel; imagine visiting the Seven Wonders of the World through your phone.

The point is that across the board, people are expecting more out of their user experiences, whether searching through photos on Flickr or performing high-end modeling.

Viewstream is at the cutting edge of new technologies, constantly adapting our services to this ever-changing environment. We’ve always seen emerging media tools as opportunities to meet our client’s needs.

Are you keeping up?

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