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Desi411: Our Latest Product Demo

I just wanted to share Viewstream’s latest product demo for, a startup business and service directory for businesses within the South Asian diaspora. We worked closely with the Desi11 team to create an exciting demo with clear messaging and story, engaging creative, video, and vector animation to build excitement about the launch of this… Read more »

Viewstream partners with Microsoft

Viewstream has just become an official Microsoft Silverlight Partner. This relationship gives us direct access to the latest innovations from Microsoft’s cross-platform, cross-browser media delivery and rich interactive application tool. We want to offer our clients the right solution for the job, which means being well-versed in all digital media and interactive technologies. Silverlight has… Read more »

As MacWorld turns, Virtual Events rise!

While people are gearing up for the annual migration to MacWorld (despite the absence of Steve Jobs), truth is such events are on the decline. Costs are high, and planning can be a drain on company resources. As a result, we are beginning to see a rise in virtual trade shows and events. Viewstream has… Read more »

HP Adopts Viewstream’s Proprietary Presentation Technology

For the past two years, Viewstream has provided proprietary networking and display systems for HP and The Kenwood Group events. Our system, developed in-house, allows audience members to send questions via text message or e-mail, which were processed and displayed on the main screen in real time. Most recently, we were in Las Vegas for… Read more »

Photosynth: A Picture of Things to Come

If you haven’t seen it, download the sample of Photosynth, Microsoft’s Interactive Visual Media Group‘s photograph-based image modeling application. The technology works by gathering miscellaneous photos of a location from conventional image sources (Flickr, etc.), finding key points within each image to match within multiple images, and using those relationships to construct a navigable 3-D… Read more »

Future of Web Development

Check out this great article that talks about web dev, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, in a simple and non polemic way. I know most people don’t read whole articles anymore — so here’s the bottom line — technology decisions always comes back to understanding a mix of three things: functionality, user requirements and business… Read more »

The web anywhere

AIR is here. The New York Times reported the release of AIR, Adobe’s software development system. Like Microsoft’s Silverlight and Google’s Gears, the system allows for web-based programming for desktops and mobile devices and smart phones. The idea is to give programmers the chance to create and customize applications across platforms, creating a more integrated… Read more »

HD Web is here

Bringing in the new year with a bang, Viewstream is now ready to handle HD Web video projects. Advances in online streaming have made crystal-clear video on the web easy, affordable, and just plain pretty. There are plenty of reasons take the leap before everyone else does. 5 reasons why HD Web is the way… Read more »