Localization Event a Success

On February 2nd, Viewstream hosted a cocktail party for localization professionals co-sponsored by the Globalization and Localization Association. More than fifty people turned out to enjoy some beer, wine, and conversation about where localization is headed in 2011. Revelers also had a chance to flip a crepe to celebrate the French holiday of La Chandeleur.

We had a great time, and are thankful for all everyone how attended. special thanks go out to Amy Ephrem from GALA for helping us make the event a success.

(Click on the photo below to see more photos from the event.)

Viewstream Does 3D

As 3D enjoys a popular resurgence in the entertainment world, we see an opportunity to do some innovative, creative marketing that pops out! Viewstream just wrapped on a stereoscopic video shoot at a studio here in San Francisco. The final video will be one part of an integrated campaign for a $10B software company.

You can find more photos from the shoot here.

(Photo Credit: D. Alan Brown Photography)

Customer Evidence: Telling Your Customers’ Stories So They Can Tell Yours

Customer Evidence is one of the most powerful and flexible tools in your sales and marketing toolbelt. It can do more than tell and implementation story; it can outline forces behind new product innovations, show prospects a world where their problems are solved, and reinforce peer opinion. With this kind of adaptability, customer evidence can be effective at every stage in the sales cycle.

Viewstream CEO John Assalian recently published an article in Corp! Magazine outlining how Customer Evidence can move prospects down your sales funnel with impressive ROI. In the article, he also provides tips and tricks to help marketers plan and execute Customer Evidence that works.

Read Customer Evidence: Telling Your Customers’ Stories So They Can Tell Yours

Learn more about Viewstream’s Customer Evidence work

Crown Yourself the King of Content with Content Mapping

In the most recent issue of CommPRO.biz, Viewstream CEO John Assalian lays the groundwork for effective content creation and deployment using the Content Mapping Framework (CMF). With the right strategy in place, you can develop the right content to reach the right people at the right time. We use the CMF in all of our work, and our clients see the results.

Read ‘Marketing’s Missing Link: Crown Yourself the King of Content with Content Mapping‘.

New Federal Law: Zero Taxes on Gains on Small Business Investments

I am really surprised the just-signed Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 hasn’t gotten more attention—because it is truly one of the most novel and interesting opportunities to come along in a long time. Simply put, within the confines of the law, any investments you make in startups in 2010 can have gains realized tax FREE.

Of course, check with your attorney and accountant, but this is a very amazing opportunity for those looking to start a new venture or angel investors looking to put their money into a new startup.

Learn more about the new law here.

Mobile Content

With the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets, technology marketers need to deliver their content beyond the web and onto mobile platforms. Market shares of users on mobile devices vary widely among market segment, so it is important to avoid developing for mobile for mobile’s sake. As a marketer, focus on developing mobile content for audience segments that align to your products and services. And don’t forget to leverage your current offerings and content appropriate for mobile platforms.

Viewstream’s mobile services leverages digital marketing content across mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Droid, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and more. Leveraging our expertise in creating content and bringing it together with our strong development capabilities enables us to continue our tradition of expert professional services for technology marketing. Mobile will continue to grow, and Viewstream is building the next generation apps and content as we move forward through another amazing stage of computing.

One recent example of our work was an Autodesk screencast, “Autodesk Design Suite Premium” developed for the Apple iPad device. If you have an iPad, click here and load the iPad version to see how well these assets deliver using mobile technology. Or, if you are on a desktop, click here to see the desktop PC version.

If you are interested in formatting interactive and rich media assets for mobile, or have an idea for an app you would like to have developed, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

Viewstream VP on Forbes.com

Viewstream VP of Strategy & Business Development Joshua Shane recently published a piece on Forbes.com titled “Giving Value to ‘The Cloud,’” where he outlines the reasons why Cloud technology providers should be focusing on the value of their offerings, and avoid using mushy buzz words that aren’t meaningful.

There’s certainly been a lot of buzz over the past few years about “The Cloud”. Businesses, customers, and journalists in the tech industry have been talking about the technology of “The Cloud” so much that its value as a term has been diluted. With so many splintered definitions of “The Cloud” out there, technology pros are losing sight of the actual value the technology can bring. In his article, Shane calls for a re-visioning of the conversations around “The Cloud,” arguing that as an idea, it has been over-hyped and diluted. Cloud Computing, as a term, has lost its hype value and in several areas risks moving to the “troughs of disillusionment.” He also points to several companies that are correctly framing the conversation around the value the technology brings.

Shane’s commentary is a new and fresh look at how we engage in conversations around the technology. We’d love to hear what you think!

Does Your Agency Align With Your Business?

Businesses today struggle with how to deliver marketing that gets results in a changing market landscape. To begin to solve this challenge, we must ask, “How is the customer landscape changing?” The most evident answer is found within the vast proliferation of channels available to marketers.

In the last ten years, different kinds of marketing channels have waxed and waned in effectiveness and prominence—from search, to social, to mobile marketing. New conversations and opportunities connected to these channels are continuously developing, adding to an already large base. With this immense expansion, precise targeting of niche market segments, more than ever, is now possible.

Demand generation, content development, direct-mail management, CRM, marketing automation, and tracking and analytics can all be crucial components of a well-targeted marketing campaign. These are all unique and valuable channels that can generate results—but being successful is not about just knowing the channels, it is about knowing your customer. The crucial need to know your customer is a key attribute that many marketing agencies cannot deliver. The media may change, but the expertise and market knowledge required to reach your customer remains.

Does your agency have the necessary experience and expertise to know your customers? Many agencies can do creative and production (though not every), but only a few can really connect with and understand your business and your customer.

Viewstream is the leading national marketing agency focused exclusively on serving technology companies that deliver complex solutions for technical computing, life sciences and design engineering. We are experts in translating complex computer industry products and developing positioning and messaging into digestible marketing content with effective education and calls-to-action.

Viewstream’s domain expertise in technology market segments help your organization fill any gaps in skill, while keeping overhead costs low, to produce content that is pinpointed to the buyers and users of your product offering.

To aid your understanding of the proliferation of marketing channels and how it has changed B2B marketing, Viewstream has created, “Viewstream Viewpoints,” an on-going series of free, consultative papers designed to address issues in technology marketing from the perspective of a technology-focused digital marketing agency. Inside these free guides you’ll find strategic advice, market research, best practices, and real-world examples of marketing that can address your challenges.

Check out the Viewstream Viewpoints here:

Understanding The Cloud On The Horizon
Over the past few years, Cloud Computing has evolved into a major game changer in IT. Its power to offload hardware, software, and system management needs has forced a revision of the enterprise, as new business and work models are constructed to best take advantage of new technologies. In this Viewpoint, learn how Cloud Computing is changing the IT and business landscapes, and what that means for those marketing its offerings.

Content Mapping Framework
Content is a critical component to any marketing strategy. But bad or misdirected content can quickly derail prospects as they move through the sales cycle. The Viewstream Content Mapping Framework (CMF) shows you how to provide good, appropriately targeted content that gets results. With in-depth information on how CMF works, this Viewpoint will help you make sure your content is king!

Customer Evidence Rules
Prospects at every stage of the sales cycle are looking for tangible examples of your solution in action, and peer validation of its effectiveness. That is why Customer Evidence is such a dynamic, powerful tool for marketers looking to raise awareness, retain prospects, and shorten time to sale. In this Viewpoint, you will learn the ins and outs of making Customer Evidence a key component to your content marketing strategy.

WordPress Website Development & Consulting Services

Viewstream has been listed on Automattic’s WordPress consultant directory for the last two years. The directory, appropriately named “Code Poet”, means we partner with Automattic to provide WordPress consulting and development services  for companies that understand the power and elegance of WordPress as a development platform.  The directory lists company names in alphabetic order, which means Viewstream is on the bottom of the list :<. Time to change our name to 123-Vieswtream and get to the top of the list :> Given how many names are on the list, we get a small amount of traffic each month, and some inquires.

Viewstream is unique in the WordPress website development, design and consulting world as we have pushed the limits of using WordPress as a Web Content Framework or Content Management System. For example, partnered  with Ryder Communications (one of the most talented creative agencies) we created a couple of amazing sites for Honeywell, Inc. that if you look at the sites, you wouldn’t even know it was a WordPress engine in the backend. We have also done a large number of corporate blogs – I like this one for ITDatabase not only because the skin works very well with the brand, but also because Travis Van and the ITDatabase team creates amazing, interesting content. At the end of the day, interesting content is what it is all about. And that is another Viewstream differentiator that I am very proud off: we can develop the technology AND develop the content. Those are two very different skills, and it is not easy to do both well. I think we do! And I think our clients would agree!

Check out our WordPress landing page here with samples referenced above.

The Beauty Of Customer Evidence

Customer Evidence is any marketing or communication asset that uses a customer story as evidence of your product’s value in the marketplace. By having the customer themselves testify to the value of your product, you are creating a persuasive form of marketing content that far trumps anything your company can possibly claim about yourself. Let’s face it: claims we make about our own company are trusted less, especially in B2B marketing, compared to what someone else says about your product. By having your customer tell your story, you are demonstrating value & credibility, and delivering a consultative story that documents how a customer was able to solve a problem with your product.

The best customer evidence assets tell an interesting story about the customer. Viewstream’s story-based approach starts with the customer. We look at who the customer is, what motivates them, why they get up in the morning to do what they do. In doing their work, they are faced with a variety of challenges in their business. We uncover the reasons why the customer reached out to your solution. We then tell the customer’s story in a way that illustrates how your product or solution has been the best way for them to reach their goals.

In terms of content mapping, customer evidence can be used at any stage of the sales cycle. In early stages, customer evidence can help prospects imagine a world where there problems are solved, and how a new solution has benefited them. At the mid to later stages of the sales cycle, where comparative content is critical, customer evidence serves to reinforce peer opinion, as well as provide answers to implementation concerns.

Typically, customer evidence takes the form of a case study, video testimonial or micro-documentary. Reach out to us if you are interested in finding out more about using Customer Evidence for your marketing programs.

Here are a few recent Customer Evidence projects that Viewstream created: