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Customer Evidence: Telling Your Customers’ Stories So They Can Tell Yours

Customer Evidence is one of the most powerful and flexible tools in your sales and marketing toolbelt. It can do more than tell and implementation story; it can outline forces behind new product innovations, show prospects a world where their problems are solved, and reinforce peer opinion. With this kind of adaptability, customer evidence can… Read more »

Crown Yourself the King of Content with Content Mapping

In the most recent issue of, Viewstream CEO John Assalian lays the groundwork for effective content creation and deployment using the Content Mapping Framework (CMF). With the right strategy in place, you can develop the right content to reach the right people at the right time. We use the CMF in all of our… Read more »

Does Your Agency Align With Your Business?

Businesses today struggle with how to deliver marketing that gets results in a changing market landscape. To begin to solve this challenge, we must ask, “How is the customer landscape changing?” The most evident answer is found within the vast proliferation of channels available to marketers. In the last ten years, different kinds of marketing… Read more »

The Beauty Of Customer Evidence

Customer Evidence is any marketing or communication asset that uses a customer story as evidence of your product’s value in the marketplace. By having the customer themselves testify to the value of your product, you are creating a persuasive form of marketing content that far trumps anything your company can possibly claim about yourself. Let’s… Read more »

Evaluating Social Media Claims for 2010

Is social media right for your customer? In implementing social media marketing in the coming year, businesses must understand the truth behind all the talk. In this free guide, Viewstream CEO John Assalian takes on the top five claims made about social media and puts them into perspective. From the cost of doing social media… Read more »

Content Mapping for Fun and Profit

I recently had a chance to talk about the challenges of content at a roundtable hosted by the Northern California Business Marketing Association. At the event, I met a number of marketers who were looking to solve the content conundrum: How do I create and deliver the right content in the right way to drive… Read more »

Why get up at 6:00AM?

It is 6:00AM in Berkeley, and still pitch dark out! My challenge this morning is to get to Palo Alto by 8:00AM to speak at the Marketing Roundtable for the Business Marketing Association of Northern California. I need to make my daughter lunch, feed the cat, find some decent threads to wear, and get out… Read more »

King Content in the Post-Digital World

I believe we are marketing in a post-digital world. By post-digital, I mean a time when the communication landscape is no longer defined by the potential of any particular medium (digital, social, interactive, etc.), but instead by its overall ability to connect with particular human needs. Today, the medium has become secondary to the message…. Read more »

Choosing the Right Content for your B2B Marketing Campaigns

There are a ton of content options available to marketers today, and choosing the right mix is critical to success. But how do you know what content is best? How do you know what content works where? To answer those critical questions, conduct a basic marketing audit that builds a matrix around the type of… Read more »