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Evaluating Social Media Claims for 2010

Is social media right for your customer? In implementing social media marketing in the coming year, businesses must understand the truth behind all the talk. In this free guide, Viewstream CEO John Assalian takes on the top five claims made about social media and puts them into perspective. From the cost of doing social media… Read more »

Content Mapping for Fun and Profit

I recently had a chance to talk about the challenges of content at a roundtable hosted by the Northern California Business Marketing Association. At the event, I met a number of marketers who were looking to solve the content conundrum: How do I create and deliver the right content in the right way to drive… Read more »

Why get up at 6:00AM?

It is 6:00AM in Berkeley, and still pitch dark out! My challenge this morning is to get to Palo Alto by 8:00AM to speak at the Marketing Roundtable for the Business Marketing Association of Northern California. I need to make my daughter lunch, feed the cat, find some decent threads to wear, and get out… Read more »

King Content in the Post-Digital World

I believe we are marketing in a post-digital world. By post-digital, I mean a time when the communication landscape is no longer defined by the potential of any particular medium (digital, social, interactive, etc.), but instead by its overall ability to connect with particular human needs. Today, the medium has become secondary to the message…. Read more »

Choosing the Right Content for your B2B Marketing Campaigns

There are a ton of content options available to marketers today, and choosing the right mix is critical to success. But how do you know what content is best? How do you know what content works where? To answer those critical questions, conduct a basic marketing audit that builds a matrix around the type of… Read more »

B2B Marketing Summit 2009 Roundup

The Viewstream team just got back from Marketing Sherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit ’09. It was a great two-day event for B2B marketers across verticals interested in ramping up sales funnels online through content, social media, SEO and digital strategy. Highlights today included a great presentation with Bob Johnson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at IDG… Read more »

NEW! Viewstream eGuide – Evaluating Social Media Claims for 2010

As we roll through the last half of 2009, social media has carved out a permanent place in marketing. There’s been a social media frenzy as marketers rush to be a part of the latest trends. With the acceptance that it is here to stay, it is important to take another look at what social… Read more »

Content Marketing: Seven Ways

Today we presented our webinar, Your Prospect Is Your Champion: Seven Ways To Increase Sales Ready Leads with Content Marketing. In the presentation, I shared some insights into how tech marketing departments can achieve better sales-ready leads, execute more effective lead-nurturing strategies, and sustain competitive advantage using uninterruptive, informative content. If you missed the webinar, download… Read more »

Webinar on Content Marketing

I will be doing a webinar on Thursday, May 28, 2009, at 10:00AM Pacific, on Content Marketing. The webinar will focus on companies that need a persistent content marketing strategy – and how to create engaging content to bring that strategy to life. I will present the seven ways to use content marketing in your marketing… Read more »