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Two Technology Trends that Change Everything

There are two things trending right now that you should care about. Big changes involving mobile and desktop convergence are changing the way we are communicating digitally, and we are finally seeing the beginning of what can be called true multimedia. Mobile and Desktop Converge In today’s interconnected world, people consume content and socially connect… Read more »

How to Record an iPad Screen

A couple months ago, we posted an article about marketing mobile solutions with video. A growing number of our video clients want to show off their mobile chops—to illustrate their new app, to give tutorials on software use on the go, or to display their work on mobile devices. As we mentioned in the article,… Read more »

Marketing Mobile Solutions with Video

Today, the number of iPad apps in Apple’s iStore is nearing 100,000 unique offerings. As a result of this growing industry, more and more of our clients want to show off their mobile chops—to illustrate their new app, to give tutorials on software use on the go, or to display their work on mobile devices…. Read more »

Viewstream Goes Stereoscopic

In our last post we showed you our video about gaining 3D capabilities for 2D drafting. Get your glasses out now and check out the full stereoscopic version!

Our Latset Video – Moving 2D into 3D

3D capabilities for 2D drafting? Oh yes! We just delivered a short promotional piece showing the benefits of 3D in design software. Take a look!

Viewstream Does 3D

As 3D enjoys a popular resurgence in the entertainment world, we see an opportunity to do some innovative, creative marketing that pops out! Viewstream just wrapped on a stereoscopic video shoot at a studio here in San Francisco. The final video will be one part of an integrated campaign for a $10B software company. You… Read more »

Mobile Content

With the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets, technology marketers need to deliver their content beyond the web and onto mobile platforms. Market shares of users on mobile devices vary widely among market segment, so it is important to avoid developing for mobile for mobile’s sake. As a marketer, focus on developing mobile content for… Read more »

Viewstream VP on

Viewstream VP of Strategy & Business Development Joshua Shane recently published a piece on titled “Giving Value to ‘The Cloud,’” where he outlines the reasons why Cloud technology providers should be focusing on the value of their offerings, and avoid using mushy buzz words that aren’t meaningful. There’s certainly been a lot of buzz… Read more »

WordPress Website Development & Consulting Services

Viewstream has been listed on Automattic’s WordPress consultant directory for the last two years. The directory, appropriately named “Code Poet”, means we partner with Automattic to provide WordPress consulting and development services  for companies that understand the power and elegance of WordPress as a development platform.  The directory lists company names in alphabetic order, which… Read more »

Evaluating Social Media Claims for 2010

Is social media right for your customer? In implementing social media marketing in the coming year, businesses must understand the truth behind all the talk. In this free guide, Viewstream CEO John Assalian takes on the top five claims made about social media and puts them into perspective. From the cost of doing social media… Read more »