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Mobile Content

With the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets, technology marketers need to deliver their content beyond the web and onto mobile platforms. Market shares of users on mobile devices vary widely among market segment, so it is important to avoid developing for mobile for mobile’s sake. As a marketer, focus on developing mobile content for… Read more »

Viewstream VP on

Viewstream VP of Strategy & Business Development Joshua Shane recently published a piece on titled “Giving Value to ‘The Cloud,’” where he outlines the reasons why Cloud technology providers should be focusing on the value of their offerings, and avoid using mushy buzz words that aren’t meaningful. There’s certainly been a lot of buzz… Read more »

WordPress Website Development & Consulting Services

Viewstream has been listed on Automattic’s WordPress consultant directory for the last two years. The directory, appropriately named “Code Poet”, means we partner with Automattic to provide WordPress consulting and development services  for companies that understand the power and elegance of WordPress as a development platform.  The directory lists company names in alphabetic order, which… Read more »

Evaluating Social Media Claims for 2010

Is social media right for your customer? In implementing social media marketing in the coming year, businesses must understand the truth behind all the talk. In this free guide, Viewstream CEO John Assalian takes on the top five claims made about social media and puts them into perspective. From the cost of doing social media… Read more »

King Content in the Post-Digital World

I believe we are marketing in a post-digital world. By post-digital, I mean a time when the communication landscape is no longer defined by the potential of any particular medium (digital, social, interactive, etc.), but instead by its overall ability to connect with particular human needs. Today, the medium has become secondary to the message…. Read more »

Our event on Microsoft Silverlight

We are doing a live event with Microsoft’s Michael Scherotter tonight. Check the invite here for more infomration. During the course of marketing the event, we received several of the “Flash vs. Silverlight” type emails/responses, and so we wanted to mention a couple of things. First of all Viewstream is a long standing Flash Developer… Read more »

Beyond Semantic Web

This month a new software launches that has trillions of data points and millions of lines of algorithms — it is a new search engine and provides specific answers in a way that any search engine hertofore has NOT been able to do. Going beyond tagging and the semantic web, this is an attempt to… Read more »

Microsoft Virtual Summit a Success

When Microsoft wanted to host a summit for its global enterprise marketing team while keeping costs down, they called us! We created a virtual solution, the Enterprise Marketing Virtual Summit 2009. Over three days, hundreds of Microsoft marketers from around the world attended the event without leaving their desktops! We build this custom site from… Read more »

Viewstream partners with Microsoft

Viewstream has just become an official Microsoft Silverlight Partner. This relationship gives us direct access to the latest innovations from Microsoft’s cross-platform, cross-browser media delivery and rich interactive application tool. We want to offer our clients the right solution for the job, which means being well-versed in all digital media and interactive technologies. Silverlight has… Read more »

As MacWorld turns, Virtual Events rise!

While people are gearing up for the annual migration to MacWorld (despite the absence of Steve Jobs), truth is such events are on the decline. Costs are high, and planning can be a drain on company resources. As a result, we are beginning to see a rise in virtual trade shows and events. Viewstream has… Read more »