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Keeping Up with the Booklicants – Facebook Advertising Tips

Viewstream does a lot of Facebook advertising  for key accounts. Through analyzing a lot of data, we have noticed this phenomenon of the “Booklicant”. The signature behavior of this type of user is characterized by clicking on hundreds of ads merely to collect images of things that they like. Taking an empathetic approach, we assume… Read more »

Viewstream Wins Two Telly Awards in Global Competition

Viewstream is excited to announce winning two Telly Awards. Viewstream won for its Windows Azure video for Microsoft, and its “Autodesk Smoke” video featuring Oakley. The Telly Awards honor outstanding work for local, regional and cable television commercials and programs, video and film productions, and work created for the web. With more than 11,000 entries… Read more »

New Federal Law: Zero Taxes on Gains on Small Business Investments

I am really surprised the just-signed Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 hasn’t gotten more attention—because it is truly one of the most novel and interesting opportunities to come along in a long time. Simply put, within the confines of the law, any investments you make in startups in 2010 can have gains realized tax… Read more »