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Adventures with Lynn Allen

If you ever get the chance to have a sit down with Lynn Allen, take it.  Over the last couple of days, I have been working with Lynn on the creation of the AutoCAD 2010 demo.  Aside from the opportunity to be part of the promotion of one of the most revered software products in… Read more »

HP Adopts Viewstream’s Proprietary Presentation Technology

For the past two years, Viewstream has provided proprietary networking and display systems for HP and The Kenwood Group events. Our system, developed in-house, allows audience members to send questions via text message or e-mail, which were processed and displayed on the main screen in real time. Most recently, we were in Las Vegas for… Read more »

Autodesk Screencast Release

Viewstream just completed a lead generation project for Autodesk relating to their AutoCAD 2009 product launch. The project was a series of screencasts — and the results thus far have been very successful in terms of click through and requests for more information. You can check out the work here: Viewstream also helped… Read more »

What Can The Wall Street Journal Do For You?

When public eyes are on you, whether at an industry trade show, on your website, or on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, are you truly putting your best foot forward? Are you speaking directly to those individual sets of eyes, or are you generalizing for the masses? Many companies focus on PR tactics… Read more »

Valant Medical Solutions Booth

Viewstream recently helped out Valant Medical Solutions with their trade show booth. Valant is a great company, with a great solution. If you happen to be a psychiatrist and need an EMR solution, check out their website at (Viewstream designed their logo, helped with application design and product demonstrations – but not their website)!… Read more » Redesigned!!!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our new and improved website, which can be accessed by visiting  We love the design, simplicity and focus on HD video over the web. Please comment on the new site if you have a chance — we would love the feedback! A word… Read more »

Sesame Street

At Viewstream, we are not all business. Well, we are, but sometimes we like to take a breather from the rat race and take on fun projects that we find fulfilling and worthwhile. So when we got a call from Sesame Street to do a couple shorts for the show, we were both honored and… Read more »