Viewstream Party


Eight years is a decent amount of time in this business. So last night we celebrated the only way we know how- cocktails, Burmese eats, the best dj in town, and a serious discussion about the advantages of a four-hour work week.

We also launched a couple new Viewstream services, live flash streaming and HD streaming. We are the new school, after all.

Our one hundred or so guests were treated to a presentation by Tim Ferriss, the man behind the bestselling The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. A real renaissance man, his talk ran the gamut, from time/money relations in professional work to the three currencies of the digital age (time, income, and mobility, in case you were wondering), from the advantages of polarizing people to why the Japanese might think all Americans are cavemen.

The party kept going thanks to music from DJ Damien, who kicked it out all night long. We were going to post some photos, but thought we needed to save some very important people from some very public humiliation. You know who you are!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, particularly all the new friends we made. Here’s to an amazing 2008.

Also, thanks to our neighbor and gracious host, The Gallery Lounge. Sorry about the mess.

Sesame Street


At Viewstream, we are not all business. Well, we are, but sometimes we like to take a breather from the rat race and take on fun projects that we find fulfilling and worthwhile. So when we got a call from Sesame Street to do a couple shorts for the show, we were both honored and stoked. Pretty much everyone at Viewstream HQ has harbored dreams of being on Sesame Street at one point or another in our lives. In fact, one of our employees was actually on Sesame Street back in ’75. It was a homecoming, in a way. So how could we pass it up?

Doing what we do best, we took on the creative direction, the compositing, and the motion graphics for more than forty four shots in (1080p) HD format. The special effects created a colorful, animated backdrop perfect for kids to enjoy and learn from.

Though we are certainly not experts on the subject matter, the first short explained how the human brain helps us perform day-to-day functions. It also gave us the chance to show the world our zany, twisted view of San Francisco.

The second segment was a noir tale of a distressed woman on the search for a triangle. In desperation, she requests the services of a private gumshoe (not Sherlock Hemlock, but this guy would do), who helps her find triangles all over the place. Even James Blunt got in on the triangle action that episode!

These videos just aired on PBS, so we’ve got public television under our belts. Now back to those product demos!

View the videos.