Do Online Ads Featuring People Get More Clicks?

Studies have shown that consumers are visually drawn to human faces, but does this maxim hold true for a digital advertising campaign for high-tech software? After conducting a thorough A/B test, we were surprised by what the results showed.

Viewstream Marketing: Do Images with People Get More Clicks?

Were you surprised that the results showed that online advertising with people can negatively impact the success of digital campaigns across multiple channels including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and retargeted ads?

Here at Viewstream, we believe marketing is built on the fusion of story and data. Accordingly, we follow the code of “Keep Testing!” and utilize A/B and multi-variate tests to determine most successful digital trends for your story.

Viewstream Marketing Growth Matrix

growth-matrix_v-1Introducing the Viewstream Growth Matrix. Dive in below as we discuss how these four areas can work together to put your business on the path to growth and beyond.

Networking is like finding a new friend: you’re simply on a search to connect with someone on a deeper level.  And from one successful relationship, many more will blossom. Networking can feel cold, however, it can warm up quickly by attending top events relative to your industry and interests. So, get searching in your area.

Run Campaigns
Demand generation is an art…and a science. Targeting the right audience in the best market to buy your product can be complex. And to achieve scale, you’ll need to drive awareness and interest in your offering. A follow-up mechanism allows you to place contacts inside a pipeline, qualify the ones that have a need, and finally, generate more customers.

Do Meetings
You have a relationship with one of your contacts, either personally or professionally. Now, it’s important to cultivate relationships with periodic meetings. Meetings are about them, not you. They’re also about listening and understanding their goals. So, prepare a bunch of questions and be prepared to listen.

Your greatest assets are your established relationships. As your offering already aligns with your customer needs, it’s time to nurture those relationships. It’s not only essential to maintaining your existing client base, but it utilizes more personal forms of communication. Now it’s time to give more than you ask, and deliver value at every step along the way.

The Magic Bullet is Not Magic

8no1ANo matter how great your product is, if you are marketing to the wrong person and/or industry, you will have challenges. Identifying the right target audience is the most important thing you can do for your business and marketing. This market/customer fit, and the continual process to discover and rediscover the fit as times change, is the eternal task of business.

Some businesses have tight fits that make marketing relatively easy. For other businesses, we need to perform more trial and error between offers, content and targets, using various media, like 3rd party publishers, 1st party data, social media, email lists and others.

Don’t assume the marketplace cares about you (they don’t). Put in the time and effort to identify the right targets, reach them with creative, put them through a funnel and then sell.

The only thing you can count on is that the magic bullet is not magic. The latest algorithm, creative trick or marketing automation tech won’t solve your marketing problems. You need a human touch.

Predict innovation through search keywords. A beer example.

radlers_feat“Change before you have to.”
Jack Welch

What Jack Welch means by that is that all business revenue lines eventually lead to zero. Think about the graveyards of businesses: Blockbuster. Kodak. Borders. Myspace.

We can never rest on a single revenue line.

But how? What is the right market? What business ought we be in? What products and services will define the future?

Here’s a quick and easy way to get some instant feedback on what’s next.

Using a SEM/SEO keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner or Sem Rush, look at search keywords to identify future market trends. What’s interesting are the long tail keywords, down the list in the twenty-five spot or the fifty-spot depending on keyword volume. That’s where things get interesting and opportunities are identified.

Let’s look an example: beer.

Say we want to innovate in the beer market. The keyword “Beer” gets over 1.3M searches a year. Let’s look at some of the long tail keywords that are insightful in identifying new markets.

Root Beer: 27K per month
Root Beer is trending up strongly. Diversify up market with a craft, non alcoholic play?

Nonalcoholic beer: 18K per month
A lot of interest in nonalcoholic beers – could be another way to diversify up market.

Beer cheese dip: 18K per month
License your beer brand and recipie to a company making cheese products? Yum.

Sapporo Beer: 15K per month
Sapporo is a rice beer, so perhaps this is a health trend showing demand for beers that avoid gluten? A gluten free beer?

Beer Belly: 15K per month
Could be a marketing stunt of some kind?

Hard root beer: 12K per month
Even better than regular root beer – add some alcohol.

Grapefruit Beer 12K
Grapefruit beer is a German type that further fits into the health trend. It’s 2% alcohol and even has vitamin C.

If you are in the beer business, those are some great ideas. I developed those ideas in a few minutes, so a bit more time and testing could yield significant dividends. And if you do happen to end up in the dustbin of history, have a beer and get back to the Keyword Drawing Board!

If you want some help identifying new markets, let Viewstream know. We would love to help.

One other thing: once you have a new product identified, use this handy tool to define your market position.

Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

Marketing Can Make or Break Your Business

We were recently asked to do a marketing audit by an investor of a troubled startup.

We.Software*, a young company offering software design services to healthcare companies, set forth to conquer the world. They had set aside a marketing budget of 100K per year over three years. Three years went by, but they didn’t get the traction.

When going back and analyzing the marketing spend by their marketing agency (a boutique agency based in Seattle), we noted that a full forty percent of the budget went to pure design related assets, like logo, website design and document assets.


If your agency wants to spend forty percent of a budget on design related assets, please find a new agency.

At the start of a company, lean and agile approaches means spending very little on design assets and more on customer research and product marketing (things that actually grow your business).

  • For a logo, use a crowdsourced asset for an inexpensive logo.
  • For a website, use a WordPress template.

As your company matures, there will be a place for more significant spend on design and brand assets.

In the meantime, here are things that maybe wise to spend your budget on:

  • Explainer Videos:
    • Helps to communicate who you are and why you are different to prospects and employees.
  • Customer Research:
    • Spend budget on research that delivers tangible information about your customer – this is invaluable and ought to be an ongoing process.
  • Media Spend:
    • Despite popular wisdom, it is never too early to put your name out there.

Viewstream can help with any of these items, and we won’t ask you to spend a ton of money on design.

By the way, We.Software went out of business.

*Not the real name!

Digital-First Marketing Needs a Human Touch

Digital marketing for technology companies is fundamentally different than marketing for the non-technical industry. Although it sounds like a simple distinction, if we unpack it, we discover surprising insights.

A few months ago, I had some conversations at the digital marketing SoDA conference that opened my eyes to the differences between digital and traditional marketing ecosystems. I’ve been living in the tech industry so long, that a new perspective from outside the fishbowl was clarifying.

“As a digital marketer, what is the biggest challenge you face working with your clients?”

This seemed like an innocuous question when our workshop leader asked, but the answers I heard were surprising. Except for me, the unanimous answer was: We focus tremendous time and effort convincing clients to believe in digital-first marketing. Then we have to ensure that the digital-first approach is accepted and operationally integrated into the marketing organization.

What’s Different?

Traditional, mature companies like Coca Cola, Citibank, McKesson and Chevron completely understand how to communicate human feeling and value…

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Immersive VR Presentations for the AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

Viewstream AEC VR Demo

Traditional methods of presenting new projects, whether it is a design for a new hospital, or the construction phases of a new office building, usually involve printed images and documents, videos with 3d animated flyarounds, or physical maquettes (miniatures) of the building.

Project leaders from firms rely on these methods to present everything from designs and analysis, to scheduling and cost to their clients and investors. Even though these methods work in terms of getting the information across, the overall engagement with the content being shown will always be limited by the quality of the material and the technology being used to present it.

AEC firms are just beginning to leverage VR for not only their internal practices, but for client-facing material as well. The value that VR brings is greater engagement through immersiveness. By allowing a viewer to see content as if it was actually there, walk around it and interact with it, presentations can be brought to a whole new level.

Viewstream AEC VR Demo       Viewstream AEC VR Demo

Using the right creative, strategy, and technology can make content more engaging. What we have done with the new Viewstream AEC VR Demo, is design and build an experience around a specific product, in this case a new construction presentation. We took what is a traditional method of presenting information, and reestablished how it is presented.

In the Viewstream virtual presentation, we showcase a variety of information that is both important and essential to this type of product, and we do it a way that is engaging for the viewer. Cost and scheduling, lighting and energy analysis, general neighborhood data, as well as full views of the new construction are some of the elements we find important to this industry. By creating a realistic, immersive, virtual experience around this concept of an architectural/construction presentation, we can engage the viewer and in turn deliver greater value.

Would you like to learn more about Viewstream and our VR services for the AEC industry, including checking out a demo? Email and a team member will get right back to you. Or complete our contact form.

Top 6 Marketing Trends of 2017


As marketers, we embrace the expectation that we have to constantly come up with new, innovative methods for reaching target audiences. We love to come to work in the morning where every campaign needs to be a “game changer.” We strive to conjure up “purple cows” every day.

Marketing spend needs to go further to meet these elevated expectations. But in this new digital reality, how do you be both efficient and effective, and how do you differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace where everything is presumed to be new?

Here is a preview of the six key trends that will dominate 2017 and allow marketers in the know to get ahead of the curve:

  1. 1. Customer data is skyrocketing as big campaigns plummet.

Data on customers or potential customers is readily available. Demographics, behavior, interests, browsing history, previous purchases, and on and on. All of this data can be used to deliver personalized, relevant content to individuals across any channel, leading to the death of the one-size-fits-all campaign. The days when marketers would do a long march towards a big campaign launch are over. We need to be executing daily, weekly or monthly campaigns that are consistently optimized and put into the world.

To discover the rest of the key trends, such as virtual reality and the future of email, download the report today.



Viewstream Brings in Nine New Awards!

vs-award-01Viewstream is excited to be bringing home some new hardware! Between the awards programs of the Telly Awards, Communicator Awards and Hermes Awards, Viewstream received nine.

The 37th Annual Telly Awards has awarded Viewstream five Bronze awards in the category of Online Video. With over 13,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor. The Telly Awards, a premier award honoring outstanding creative work in video and film productions and online commercials, recognized Viewstream for creative videos for Autodesk and ClearCare.

Two of those same videos each received Silver Awards of Distinction from the Communicator Awards, the international awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals.

Finally, the Hermes Creative Awards has presented Viewstream with two awards in the categories of Microsite and Interactive Capabilities. Our work with Autodesk Suite Recommender earned an Honorable Mention and the Autodesk InfraWorks Microsite earned the Platinum Award, the award given to those entries judged to be among the most outstanding in the competition.

We add these nine new awards of recognition to our collection of previous distinctions for our work with clients including Microsoft, Autodesk and Adobe. Thank you to all who helped us get here!

Check out the winners:

Telly Awards

  • Bronze Winner, Online Video, Autodesk BIM 360 Docs
  • Bronze Winner, Online Video, Autodesk BIM Solutions for Infrastructure
  • Bronze Winner, Online Video, ClearCare Platform
  • Bronze Winner, Online Video, Future of Making Things
  • Bronze Winner, Online Video, Project Alexandria Teaser

Communicator Awards

  • Silver Award of Distinction, ClearCare Platform
  • Silver Award of Distinction, Project Alexandria Teaser

Hermes Awards

  • Platinum Winner, Microsite Category, InfraWorks Microsite
  • Honorable Mention, Interactive Capabilities, Autodesk Suite Recommender

See our complete list of awards here.

Why are you special?


Getting marketing right requires a real understanding of why your product and company is unique. To help, Viewstream created a “Positioning Generator“. It’s the marketing team’s Mad Libs. Fill in the blanks based on the prompts provided and get your positioning statement. It’s sure to get you thinking, at least. This type of statement ought to be a default part of your messaging, communication and go-to market arsenal.

Check it out here: