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Paid Social Media Advertising

Demystify paid social—it still works, and it’s still a crucial component of your advertising strategy.

Slingshot audiences toward conversion with Viewstream.

Strategy Fosters Success

Without proper strategy, B2B companies often write off paid social media as inefficient.

  • Building high-intent segments without spending thousands on low-intent clicks
  • Eliminating wasteful spend with robust optimizations
  • Standing out from the competition with amazing assets
  • Knowing how to leverage data in a post-iOS14 world

Paid Advertising With a Purpose

“Industry standard”.


Go With What Works

Sounds simple enough right? The problem with most strategies is a lack of platform specificity.


Optimize Targeting and Learnings

Paid social media campaigns are sensitive to conversion learnings, and they can make or break platform success.


Integrate Your Tech Stack

Siloed sources of truth just don’t work.


Driving content and demand victories, Amazon Web Services partners with Viewstream to open up limitless possibilities for their business.

Viewstream partners with Adobe on launching new content, creative, and marketing programs that shape the next generation of storytelling and inspires entirely new categories of business.

Viewstream partnered with Microsoft to develop Digital Transformation Ready – a career development program designed to develop and recruit world-leading cloud talent through upskilling and certification courses in Microsoft Business Applications.

Sitetracker is the global standard for market leaders in successful deployment of critical infrastructure. The telecommunications, utilities, smart cities, and energy industries all rely on the Sitetracker platform to manage millions of sites and projects representing more than $25 billion of portfolio holdings globally.

Unlocking growth through content, category thought leadership and go-to market activations. See how we elevate the customer experience for PANW and modernize the marketing stack.


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